Welcome to Clausholm Castle.
Privately owned baroque castle offering guided tours and photo locations in historical surroundings.
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Clausholm Castle
Photo locations at Clausholm Castle – modern times in historical surroundings.
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Photo locations
Guided tour of the castle - visit Clausholm Castle & Park, and hear all the exciting stories
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Welcome to Clausholm Castle


In the beautiful Danish countryside of eastern Jutland, less than an hour’s drive from Aarhus, you find Clausholm Castle & Park – one of Denmark’s finest and best preserved baroque establishments.

The baroque Clausholm Castle & Park is a piece of Danish history, privately owned and a popular excursion site in the summertime. The castle park is open to visitors all summer – the castle during the month of July. Furthermore, we make our beautiful surroundings available as photo locations for professionals.

At Clausholm the fairy tale and history blend with modern society. Clausholm is still in active operation as a modern estate and agricultural business – and it is a proud fifth-generation home to our family.

A very warm welcome to Clausholm Castle
– hope to see you soon!

Kim A. Berner
Master of the Royal Hunt